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Restructure, Reorganization, and Bankruptcies

We are called upon frequently to apply our expertise and capabilities in tender and exchange offers and proxy solicitations for clients who wish to have their investors or creditors participate in a restructuring of the company. This type of project also frequently involves the skills we employ in our Securityholder identification and market surveillance work.

The 1980's and the 1990’s generated companies that needed to be restructured and the lessons learned from those situations are being used to solve these new recent problems. This constantly evolving dynamic field requires a proxy solicitation firm at the forefront of these developments.

MacKenzie Partners has been involved in some of the most complex and difficult reorganizations over the past nine years. In our work in this area, we are utilized to solicit approvals for proposed or competing restructuring plans from one or more classes of creditors as well as security holders.

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Debt Consent Solicitations and Tender Offers

Many companies that added large amounts of high yield or investment grade debt to their capital structures in the 1980's and 1990’s may seek to replace much of that debt with either less expensive debt or equity, often as part of a public offering or bank refinancing. These types of transactions typically involve a bond tender offer concurrent with a solicitation of the bondholders seeking consents for indenture amendments governing the tendered bonds.

MacKenzie Partners has been involved in many such transactions, ranging from a single debt issue of $100 million or less in principal amount of outstanding bonds to those consisting of 100 or more separate issues or series, representing billions of dollars of total debt. Regardless of the size of the transaction, these projects require our extensive expertise in solicitation, information agency and bondholder identification.

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Corporate Governance Consulting

Our extensive work and experience in corporate control contests keeps us at the forefront of the leading issues in corporate governance and how they affect both management and the investment community.

We provide background research and analyses on shareholder proposals covering a broad area of governance issues, including but not limited to, cumulative voting, director compensation, classified boards, shareholder rights plans and how various institutions tend to vote in these situations.

We also counsel management and the Board as to whether a proposal is likely to pass and develop vote projections to support our views.

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