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Tender & Exchange Offers

MacKenzie's chief function is to act as Information Agent for the offer. In this role, we take charge of "communicating the message" through a telephone calling campaign and the distribution of all tender offer documents and related materials to money managers, banks, brokerage houses, arbitrageurs and individual shareholders. We also field all incoming telephone calls from shareholders with questions about the offer or procedures for tendering their shares. Our calling center in Manhattan can routinely handle hundreds of shareholder calls each day.

Before a bid is announced, our role is more strategic and conceptual in nature. We analyze the composition of the target's shareholder base to help determine the potential success of a specific deal or to help define a deal structure, including pricing, which would have the best chance for success. We do similar analysis regarding the corporate performance and industry position of a target or potential targets.

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Securityholder Identification/Market Surveillance

MacKenzie's Proxy Solicitation and Mergers & Acquisitions Services Group provides advisory and execution services for annual and special meetings and in corporate control contests - such as unsolicited tender offers, proxy fights and consent contests.

MacKenzie's Securityholder ID and Market Surveillance unit is both a stand-alone service for our clients as well as an important diagnostic tool for our work in solicitations, proxy contests and tender offers.

Our principal mission is to provide clients with information and analysis about the trading patterns, movement and price performance of their equity or debt securities on a monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly basis, if necessary. This permits us to uncover share accumulations by a potentially hostile buyer, continuously monitor price and volume fluctuations, track large buying or selling positions by various brokers and discover the beneficial owners of those trades.

We employ many tools to follow trading patterns and to get behind the Street name owners. This process involves using basic securities trading information - 13(f) filings, on-line access to public posting of trades by major brokers and a company's registered shareholder, NOBO and depositary listings. Public filings and other information, however, usually are too dated to be useful on a real-time basis, and is only the first step in developing a comprehensive ownership profile. To further refine that profile, we rely on a number of other tools as well. These principally include gathering information from our Street sources, which include longtime contacts at banks and brokerage houses, arbitrageurs, traders and other institutional investors with whom we communicate daily. We also rely upon MacKenzie Partners' proprietary database of account numbers and other trading information that is particularly helpful in identifying specific beneficial owners.

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Sentinel Market Intelligence (TM)

An innovative way to identify & understand your shareholders. In a proxy fight, activism preparedness context, M&A transaction, or contested proposal, an informational advantage can be the difference between success and failure. Our Sentinel Market Intelligence (TM) Team leverages our proprietary knowledge and data-driven analytics, along with our deep institutional relationships, to provide actionable insight for our clients when they need it most.

Expertise in High-Stakes Situations

The senior members of our Team each have over a decade of experience providing shareholder intelligence to clients faced with the most challenging circumstances and complex shareholder bases. Our Team works in concert with our senior executives, leveraging decades of collective experience and a network of relationships with governance teams, fundamental portfolio managers, and hedge funds to provide our strategic advice that achieves the desired outcome.

Specialized Intelligence

An ever-changing shareholder base requires intelligence that adapts to evolving challenges. Our Team analyzes multiple proprietary sources to supplement public filings. Our goal is to bridge the gap between filing periods and ensure that you have the most up-to-date and accurate information available. We use this data to create a detailed profile of your shareholder base, develop vote projections, and track the voting process, all to maximize your likelihood of success.

Customized Reporting

Our analysts work with you to provide customized reports on an ongoing basis with a frequency that is based on your specific needs. We provide meaningful context around these reports with our strategic advice, insight, and candid feedback, so you can translate data into action with confidence.

Collaborative, Team-Based Approach

By leveraging the combined intelligence of our surveillance and solicitation group, we develop a more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of your shareholders. We focus on the key drivers of trading activity and voting patterns, providing you that critical edge.

Getting the Result

Unlike wider-ranging stock surveillance firms, we dedicate our resources to serving a focused group of select clients that are involved in activist and M&A situations. Our knowledge and emphasis on contested situations allows us to provide you with our bespoke advice, robust data, and thoughtful analysis that can create a path to success in your unique situation or transaction.